Our mission is to evangelize the culture by presenting the beauty, goodness, and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through sacred piano music and preaching.

I recently gave a concert to a private school and was delighted by the attention and appreciation of the children.  School audiences allow me to see the music through a fresh, young set of eyes. I found the level of musicianship of some of these boys and girls outstanding.


Our Mission

       Education and Experience

  • B.A., M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D.

  • Former Navy Chaplain
  • Music Ministry over 30 years
  • Portrays the splendor and majesty of God
  • Lifts high the Cross of Christ

For the past 12 years, I've refined my technique and musicianship while expanding my repertorie of sacred and classical music.  The result of my labors is greater outreach to wider audiences so that the glory of the Gospel might be experienced by increasing numbers of people.



Baptizing Sailors on the USS ENTERPRISE Air Craft Carrier

Blessing African Students in Kenya

Teaching Piano Student at Rift Valley Academy 

Serving as Coast Guard Chaplain 

     Concert with Japanese in Tokyo Japan